A Place To Call Home

How grateful I am to my many ancestors who left all that was familiar to them, and travelled to this beautiful land, my home Australia.

Here is where I would like to share some of their stories.
Martyr's of Otford Kent
I have commenced  (2016) a One Name Study of the MARTYR surname, so if you have a branch in your tree I would be interested in hearing from you.  By gathering different branches I hope to be able to chart their movements worldwide, and discover their stories.
You can read about my MARTYR family below, and my research is always ongoing.

James & Ellis/Eleanor MARTYR (nee Baker)

 James was born c1749, which is estimated from his death certificate which gives his age as 88 years.  However, the record of his baptism is dated 13 March 1753, at East Peckham, the son of John & Sarah MARTYR. I cannot account for the discrepancy but a possibility may be a mistake by the person registering his death.  It would not be the first time by any means, otherwise I have no other explanation, but it needs to be noted in the hope to be solved one day.

He married Ellis/Eleanor Baker on 9 June 1786 at Otford, Kent. The Canterbury Peculiars Marriage Licence Index lists Hames as a bachelor farmer residing in Otford, and Ellis is noted as being a spinster also residing in Otford. Note: Ellis is sometimes translated as Eleanor, so which is correct is up to debate.
James died in 1838.

Children of James & Ellis/Eleanor:
1.    John MARTYR - baptised on 25 June 1787 at Otford, Kent, and died in 1806. Buried in the west chancel of ST   Bartholomew’s Church, Otford on 11 December 1806.    
2.    James Wooden MARTYR  – baptised on 9 September 1790 at Otford, Kent. This has been transcribed and recorded as Martyn, and his parent as James & Eleanor.  A read of his will is very long winded but quite interesting.  Also his 2nd wife Mary's will.
3.    Charles MARTYR – baptised on 3 July 1791 at Otford, Kent but incorrectly transcribed and recorded as Martyn, and his parents as James & Eleanor Martyn.
4.    Anne MARTYR – baptised on 31 August 1794 at Otford, Kent. Whilst her father’s name is correctly given as James Martyr, her mothers  name is shown as Anne, rather than Ellis.  This may just be a transription error.
5.    Sarah MARTYR – baptised on 9 February 1797at Otford, Kent. Her father’s name is correctly shown as James, however, her mother’s name is listed as Eleanor.  She died in 1806 and is buried in the west chancel of St Bartholomews Church, Otford on 13August 1806.
+6.    Henry MARTYR  - baptised on 2 May 1802 at Otford, Kent. His father’s name is correctly listed however, his mother’s name has been t ranscribed as Eleanor.  He married Hannah Newberry on 11 May 1823 at St Marys, Lambeth in Surrey.

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Children of Henry & Hannah MARTYR (+6)
 1.    James MARTYR 1828 – 1874 born in St Mary, Newington in Surrey. Comes to Australia.
 2.    John MARTYR 1828 – 1852 born in St Mary, Newington in Surrey. Dies at 24, leaves all his possessions to his brother James.
                      He wrote his will 7 June 1852, and was buried on 17 June 1852, so he knew he was dying.  A surgeon witnessed signing of
                   the will.                                                                                       
 +3.    George MARTYR - 1829 – 1874 born in St Mary, Newington in Surrey. Comes to Australia in November 1852 aboard the 
                    "Northumberland".  He married Fanny Hiscock on 1 August 1855 at the dwelling house of Mr W Patterson, Glenrock Somerton
 4.    Ann Martha MARTYR - 1835 – 1884 in born Deptford, Kent. A hat sewer, she never marries.
 5.    William MARTYR - 1837 – 1890 born in St Paul, Deptford in London. A boot maker, he never marries.
 6.    Henry MARTYR - 1836 – 1841 born in St Paul, Deptford in London.  Dies aged 4.

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Children of George & Fanny MARTYR (+3)

                 +1.   Henry William (Harry) MARTYR was born 27 May 1856 at Somerton, Victoria. He married Eliza Wilson in South Yarra,
                                   Victoria, on 21 May 1878.
                2.   Louise Eliza MARTYR – was born in 1858 at Donnybrook, Victoria.
                 3.    Arthur George MARTYR – was born 1862 in Pyalong, Victoria.
                 4.    Francis Edward MARTYR – was born in Pyalong, Victoria.

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  Children of Henry & Eliza MARTYR (+1)  

                    1.   William Andrew MARTYR was born in 1879 at Oakleigh, Victoria.
                    2.    Louisa Fanny MARTYR was born in 1881 at Oakleigh, Victoria.  Died in 1881 aged 8 months.
                    3.    Frank MARTYR was born in 1883 at Oakleigh, Victora. Died in 1883 as an infant.
                    4.    Arthur George MARTYR was born in 1884 at Oakleigh, Victoria.  Died in 1884 1 day old.
                  +5.    Myrtle May MARTYR was born in 1886 at Oakleigh, Victoria.  She married Joseph CLOSTER on 24 April 1904.
                    6.    Arthur George MARTYR was born in 1887 at Oakleigh, Victoria.  He died 1887 aged 4 months.
                    7.    James MARTYR was born in 1889.  Died as infant.
                    8.    Jessie Jane MARTYR was born in 1890.  Died as infant.
                    9.    Jessie Jan MARTYR was born in 1891.
                  10.    Frank Wilson MARTYR was born in 1893. Died as infant.
                   11.    Frank MARTYR was born in 1895.  Died as infant.
                   12.    Neta Anice MARTYR was born in 1897

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Children of Joseph & Myrtle May CLOSTER (+5)
                       1.    Ivy Irene CLOSTER was born 13 October 1905 at Oakleigh, Victoria. She married Douglas MANTACK.
                      2.   Harry William CLOSTER was born in 1908 in Oakleigh, Victoria.  He never married.   He died 10 December 1958.
                      3.    Joyce Adeline CLOSTER was born on 19 October 1914 in North Perth, Western Australia.
                                             She married 1. Harold FLEGG in 1935.
                                             She married  2. Ronald BUTCHER on 21 April 1965.